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Gliders; Location:- Gloucestershire
Fast aerobatic DS layup

Gliders; Location:- Tyne & Wear
Aresti wings & Tail planes SOLD

Gliders; Location:- Tyne & Wear
Sinbad rudder elevator glider

Gliders; Location:- Norfolk

Gliders; Location:- Tyne & Wear
Launch dolly in perfect condition will take up to 5m gliders.

Gliders; Location:- Tyne & Wear
Valenta ESO glider was electric but has spinner glued to front with gorilla glue, easily removed.

Gliders; Location:- Surrey
Add rx and fly!

Gliders; Location:- Surrey
Wanted 4 Metre Strong Glider

Gliders; Location:- West Midlands
Excalibur glider ,

Gliders; Location:- Gloucestershire
ASW22BL Wanted

Gliders; Location:- Cheshire
For Sale. Tangent Flamingo eGlider

Gliders; Location:- South Yorkshire
Geared Glider Winch with line.

Gliders; Location:- Lancashire
New servos and paintjob, Ready for the slopes

Gliders; Location:- Tyne & Wear
3 meter Alpina with all servos. A superb all round model for light winds to half gale.

Gliders; Location:- Gloucestershire
Looking for MPX Alpina fuselage for 4m wings.