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Gliders; Location:- Lancashire
Will consider any condition, apart from mostly trashed!

Gliders; Location:- Norfolk
Radian Powered Glider. Bind & Fly inc battery

Gliders; Location:- Hertfordshire

Gliders; Location:- Lancashire
Flown three times. Superb condition. Add RX, Lipo and fly

Gliders; Location:- Greater Manchester
Let models ventus

Gliders; Location:- West Yorkshire
Test flown only, club then lost access to premier slope, model been in cupboard ever since.

Gliders; Location:- Leicestershire
DLG glider. Just add receiver and fly.

Gliders; Location:- Flintshire
Carl Goldberg

Gliders; Location:- Wiltshire
Yellow and Black. Savox servos all round. 4-max 1250kv motor.

Gliders; Location:- Wiltshire
Looking for a clean example. Any colour considered

Gliders; Location:- Worcestershire
Beautiful mint untouched kit