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Hi, Thanks for the quick response about the [In flown Pulse XT40 with SC40 2 stroke] am buying from you,anyway the price is OK by me but i will like you to know that payment will be made by Cheque.If this mode of payment is OK by you, Kindly send your information which you will like to receive the payment from the postman, so that i can instruct my secretary to issued it immediately.I will forward your information to the secretary and he confirm to me that payment will be sent to you as asap okay.Anyway,I will assume the Item has been sold to me. Also I will appreciate it if you can get the advert off the website and don't get contacted by another buyer.Anyway, payment will be sent to your Address soon. Note: The secretary will issue an excess money on the payment which would cover both the payment and shipment alongside with some other goods i bought down from other locations.All you need to do, Once you confirm the check payment in your mailbox by Tues/Wed,you get it cashed or deposited in your account and get back to me with the clearance date and has soon as you have confirm the check payment cleared in your account,you are to deduct the cost of the payment agreed,afterward and send the remaining funds to my Removal agent who will be coming down to your location for the pick up....the rest of my funds is meant for the shipment of all my consignment including yours.I will send the Removal agent details when the payment delivers. I will entertain any comment or suggestion.It's my pleasure doing business with you.Hope to read from you soon with your details below: Name to be on Cheque:..... Address where Cheque will be received by you:....... Phone Number such as Mobile,Land line.... Never mind about the pick up,it will be after you must have cleared the check payment from your Bank Account and i will be responsible for the bank charges okay.Await your Quick Response so that i can arrange for the payment immediately. N.B....I wait for the cheque payment to clear in your account before the pick up of it at your location is okay. Regards.. Cahill
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