Please read the following guidance before submitting your contest or event to the BMFA Contests and Events Calendar.

Contest & Event submission is open to all Clubs, BMFA Areas, Technical Committees, Specialist Bodies and individuals who are arranging a contest or event. All submissions must be from UK residents and be model aircraft flying related. Only 1 submission per event is permitted. Please check your event has not already been submitted prior to registering.

The Event Registration form has been designed to capture as fully as possible the required information regarding your event. Events that are accepted for inclusion will appear in the online Contest & Event Calendar and also appear in printed versions and the BMFA News.

Please complete the registration form as fully as possible, ensure you select the category of event (an event can be added to multiple categories) and the disciplines that your event relate to.

Use the "Essential info box" for any extra information (that you have not already provided) that you wish to appear in printed versions and the BMFA News, this information will also show on the website and does not need duplicating in the "Additional information" box.

Repeated events can also be added, after saving an event click on "Add another event" previously entered information will be retained, for a repeat event edit the date and time information and any other fields as required then click "Save".  

Ensure "sentence case" is used in all fields (use upper case only as appropriate), events submitted all in Upper Case will be rejected!

Do not duplicate information in more than one field.

After submitting an event it must be approved by the admin team. In most cases this will be no later than the end of the next working day. If an event is rejected you will be notified of the reasons why. If you need to amend or cancel an event after submission please complete the form at

Register your event here.