FAI Sporting Licences

FAI Sporting Licences are necessary for anyone who wishes to enter an FAI international model flying competition including Championships, World Cups and Open Internationals held in the UK or other countries.

They are issued by the BMFA to either UK citizens or EU citizens resident in the UK.  There are different forms and procedures for those applicants that have a passport and those that do not.  Please be sure to use the correct forms.  For a first-time application form or a renewal form, please contact the BMFA office by telephone or download the forms here:

Licence Information Standard

Licence Application Standard   Licence Information Without Passport 
Counter-Signatory Form Without Passport   Licence Application Without Passport 

 Application turn-around is generally three days from receipt of the application as long as it and the supporting documents are in order.

RAeC "Facilitation Letters" are now available on request from the BMFA office.

There are two occasions when you may need to take an RAeC Facilitation Letter with you to an FAI international competition.  Either when the competition is an FAI open competition including World Cups or when it is an FAI Championship and there has been no time to organise the GBR team's FAI Facilitation Letters.


These RAeC Facilitation Letters are available to competitors holding UK issued FAI Licences and travelling to FAI open internationals or World Cup competitions (or EuroTour competitions that appear on the FAI Sporting Calendar) held outside the United Kingdom.  They can be invaluable in a number of situations not least when taking model boxes onto commercial aircraft.


For FAI Championships, the Team Manager must organise FAI Facilitation Letters via the BMFA office only but these can only be made to the FAI in a single, bulk NAC application.  If the Team Manager misses the deadline for submission of data to the BMFA office then his team will not have FAI Facilitation Letters but he, or they, can still request RAeC Facilitation Letters.


Download the RAeC  Data Capture Form (individuals) for FAI open internationals or FAI World Cups

Download the RAeC Data Capture Form (Team Managers or team members) for FAI Championships

[These are Excel forms for you to complete and email back to the BMFA office.]


CIAM is the FAI's Aermodelling commission.  All FAI Aeromodelling international championships, competitions and record activities are conducted under the direction of CIAM. CIAM stands for "Comité International d'Aéromodelisme".

The BMFA (through the Royal Aero Club) nominates a delegate (and alternate delegate) to CIAM, to represent the interests of UK model flyers.

CIAM Plenary Technical Meeting Minutes, where amended CIAM Subcommittees' proposals and voting appear, can be accessed below.

Click here to access the FAI Sporting Code.

Click here to view the latest CIAM Flyer newsletter.

For further information please visit the CIAM website.

To register a competiton on the FAI Aeromodelling Sporting Calendar use this form

CIAM Scholarships

The Scholarship is a one-off payment and has to be administered by the National Airsport Control which, for the United Kingdom, is, of course, the BMFA. The Scholarship is intended to help with school, college or university tuition fees, educational books or other educational needs. Payment will be through the BMFA to the successful candidate's educational establishment.

The maximum age of any applicant is 21 years in the nomination year and only one candidate per country may be submitted to the CIAM.

Nominations from any young flier interested in being considered as the UK's candidate must be received by the BMFA office no later than 10th August in any year. All the nominations will be considered at the September Full Council Meeting where one nominee will be chosen as the most appropriate to be submitted to the CIAM.

A specially established CIAM Scholarship Selection Group of world-wide education experts will consider all the nominations submitted to CIAM and rank them in descending order of merit. This list will then be presented to the CIAM Bureau who shall recommend a single candidate to the following year's CIAM Plenary meeting for approval. Scholarships may only be awarded at the CIAM Plenary meeting after due process.

The BMFA application form may be downloaded here (BMFA Application Form for CIAM Scholarship) or contact the BMFA office to request a form. Telephone: 0116-2440028 or email: admin@bmfa.org.

CIAM Plenary Technical Meeting Minutes

Click here to access the minutes