The BMFA would like to encourage all Areas and affiliated clubs to hold an event at their flying field during 2019. The aim of the ‘Flightfest’ is to raise the profile of our sport with the public and encourage more to partake.  

For 2019 this will be a relatively simple affair, with the hope that in coming years the concept can grow and develop, both in variety and reach.

Suggested types of events a club could put on include:

  • Fly-In

  • Trial experience flights

  • Friends and family BBQ

  • Invite a local Scout group, ATC, sports team etc to visit

  • Invite local radio, newspaper and TV news to take part. 

There are many types of events that a club could organise and they should be encouraged to host events that they feel comfortable organising. Whatever type of event a club holds, it should allow visitors the chance to get hands on, be that via the club trainer, PC based flight simulator, or free flight models for children to build and keep. 

The BMFA has produced a Marketing Toolkit that contains artwork for posters and flyers, along with event guidance. This leaves the Areas and clubs to fill in the blank spaces on the promotional material with their event details, then distribute within the community and online. This will present a uniform brand for all Flightfest events up and down the country.

The toolkit is available to download below.


 Name  SizeModified
File-Adobe-Acrobat-Gif3125File.Adobe.Acrobat2019\file_20190322_091608_Sht_0.resources0True{defaultview}FalseBMFA-Affiliated-Club-PR-Support-Guide0244402822/03/2019 09:16:08
File-Microsoft-WordX-Gif3126File.Microsoft.WordX2019\file_20190322_091608_SPapYq_0.resources0True{defaultview}FalseFlghtfest Poster0120879822/03/2019 09:16:08
File-Microsoft-WordX-Gif3127File.Microsoft.WordX2019\file_20190322_091608_JHeD_0.resources0True{defaultview}FalseFlghtfest Voucher0120977622/03/2019 09:16:08
File-Adobe-Acrobat-Gif3128File.Adobe.Acrobat2019\file_20190704_102429_qfH_0.resources0True{defaultview}FalseFlightfest - Introducing new blood to model flying061333204/07/2019 10:24:29
File-Jpg-Gif3129File.Jpg2019\file_20190322_091608_uSLuC_0.resources0True{defaultview}FalseFlightfest artwork JPEG0118543722/03/2019 09:30:28
File-Adobe-Acrobat-Gif3130File.Adobe.Acrobat2019\file_20190322_091608_QyjX_0.resources0True{defaultview}FalseFlightfest artwork PDF0228053022/03/2019 09:30:48
File-Microsoft-WordX-Gif3131File.Microsoft.WordX2019\file_20190322_091609_XtB_0.resources0True{defaultview}FalseFlightfest Flyer0120916322/03/2019 09:16:09