Education Programme - Kits

The BMFA produce a range of kits suitable for use by teachers and others working with children. The kits are all inexpensive and simple to build. Follow the links below to download the brochure and order form.

Education Kits Order Form

The BMFA Aerojet

    BMFA Aerojet. A 20.5cm wingspan hand launched glider. The model is constructed from Depron foam taking just a few minutes to assemble ready for flight. Only requires scissors and glue stick to complete, this tough model can be flown indoors or out and will suit younger flyers.
Kit includes insignia and logos to colour in, cut out and stick on your model. Makes an ideal first model. When ordered in bulk the Club/School/Group logo can be added as part of the insignia and logos supplied with the model.
Please contact the office for further details of this service. 

The BMFA Arrow

    The BMFA Arrow. A 49.5cm wingspan, rubber powered model that is made in the same way as the BMFA Dart. The triangular flying surfaces reduce the effects of any warping or twisting that may happen just as in the Dart design. With the decreased wing leading the flying performance is between the Dart and the Gyminnie Cricket. Also the construction complexity has been designed to be between the Dart and the Gyminnie cricket.

The BMFA Vulcan 

    The Vulcan. Inspired by the Avro aircraft of the same name. The BMFA Vulcan is a 36cm wingspan, rubber powered model made in a similar way to the Dart. However the wing structure has to be built with more care especially when it comes to cutting the angles to the strips of wood that make up the wing framework.
Trimming the model for the best flight performance is a little harder that the Dart because the model is tailless. To aid the initial setting the elevons setting blocks are provided. As this model flies best turning right, a trim tab is also provided in this kit.

The Aero-Glide MkII

    Aeroglide. An improved version of the Aero-glide MkI glider.
A card design with a strong wood fuselage, specifically created to be made without the use of a knife, this version also has a notch for catapult launching.
Kit includes a jig to ensure that the flying surfaces are correctly aligned.  

The Dart

    Dart. This is a simple rubber powered aircraft with a wingspan of 30cm.
It is derived from an American design. Millions have been successfully built and flown worldwide.
Suitable for flying in sports halls or outdoors on a calm dry day. This model is the number 1 selling BMFA kit. It can be built by nine year old (under supervision) and upwards.  



The BMFA Helicopter.

    Helicopter. A profile scale, rubber powered model helicopter based on the Augusta/Westland EH110.
It can be decorated to depict a naval, military or civil version.
The rotor diameter is 15cm and the overall length is 24cm. It is about as hard to build as the BMFA Dart and can fly to over 10 metres. 

Gyminnie Cricket

    Gyminnie Cricket. A 38cm wingspan, rubber powered model.
Designed to be flown in a spacious indoor area or outdoors on a calm day.
It requires a little more skill to build than the BMFA Dart but should give double the performance, a good follow on model from the Dart.  


  Frog is a 51cm wingspan model fitted with an undercarriage so it can take off from a smooth surface.
The kit includes some printed wood to teach the builder how to cut out parts from sheet.
It is recommended as a follow on from the Gyminnie Cricket.  


    Nipper. A 30 cm wingspan all balsa hand launched glider.
Very simple to build as all parts are pre-cut, sanding of the flying surfaces will be required to obtain a good flying performance. Suitable for flying indoors and out. 

The Pussycat 

    Pussycat. A rubber powered free flight monoplane designed by Dick Baxter in the USA especially for Aerospace classes.
The skills required to build this model make it a good follow on from the BMFA Frog and Gyminnie Cricket. It has a 33cm wingspan and can be built with the option of a tricycle, 2 or single wheel undercariage.