Education Programme

The BMFA education programme aims to encourage youngsters to build and fly model aircraft and so develop new skills and gain an insight into the science and technology of flight.

The programme is constantly expanding and improving.

Model Kits

The Education programme has a range range of kits specially designed to improve the youngsters knowledge and skills as well as giving improved flying performance. View the list of kits here...

New Kit - The BMFA Aerojet

This is a 20.5cm wingspan hand launched glider. The model is constructed from Depron foam taking just a few minutes to assemble ready for flight. Only requires scissors and glue stick to complete, this tough model can be flown indoors or out and will suit younger flyers. More information on the kit list...


Teachers Guide

The BMFA Teachers Guide is a 19 page booklet and is designed to familiarise the instructor or teacher with the basic theories of flight. It gives a short history of flight, shows different types of aircraft, both full size and models and explains how an aircraft flies. The guide also suggests alternative activities and contains a glossary and bibliography.

The teachers guide is now contained on an Education Programme DVD with various other resources. Tor receive the Education DVD Contact  giving your name and postal address.