The BMFA Specialist Body for Pylon Racing is the BMPRA

Pylon racing is a competition consisting of radio controlled model aircraft flying around a triangular course for ten laps. A number of timed heats are flown, usually three aircraft at a time. The flyers with the lowest aggregate heat times go forward into semi finals and finals. If any pilot cuts inside a pylon one tenth of his heat time is added to that time, two cuts in one heat and that time is disallowed. The aim is to fly as fast as possible without cutting inside any pylons. Each pilot has beside him a caller who's job it is to tell the pilot when the flag man on the furthest pylon has dropped his flag, indicating that the aircraft has reached the required distance up to the number one pylon. Flag men on each pylon will also indicate if any flyer has cut inside. Pylon events are generally well organised and a good time is had by all competitors.

Club 2000 is the most popular class in the UK. The models are cheap to build and use standard motors.