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Following a serious injury received when a propeller detached while an aircraft was at full power being tested for noise, recommendations have been issued to help mitigate this risk. These recommendations apply to the element of the test with the model pointing directly at the meter. 1)    Always check the security of the propeller before conducting any noise testing. Guidance on the integrity of multi-bolt attachment of large propellers will be issued following further investigation of the inci...
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The JRCUC has reported there may be a problem associated with operating mobile telephones in the close proximity of programmable transmitters causing the memories to be partly or fully erased. This problem has yet to be scientifically substantiated; however, it is generally known that RF radiation can disable or permanently damage some modern electronic devices. Although the risk may be small, we believe it should be minimised by bringing it to the attention of members and clubs. Pending resolut...
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"Any staked pulley should be checked regularly during the flying session to verify its security"
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"3rd party hollow rotor shafts have been failing when used on certain helicopters, allowing rotor heads to detach in flight."
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Following the crash of an expensive gas turbine model helicopter, the investigation into the cause revealed that the synthesised transmitter being used to control the helicopter was interfered with by a nearby mobile telephone. In this case it was a Multiplex transmitter but it is possible the same could occur with other synthesised transmitters.The transmitter manufacturer’s instructions were scrutinised and found to contain a warning that mobile telephones were not to be used within the ...
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Flight Box Catches Fire

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Flight Box Catches FireDuring a flying session at a BMFA affiliated club site, the pilot and his helper noticed a flash or arcing inside the flight box. The starter was immediately disconnected and the 12V battery removed. After this it was noticed that the bottom of the plastic flight box was bubbling the cause of which was not immediately apparent.After 15 seconds or so, the pilot and his helper tried to remove the flight box from the pit area and as the pilot's helper bent over to pick it up,...
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