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BMFA Register of commercial traders - membership extension

Replaces the Data, Development & Demonstration Insurance

Following the recent change in regulations for unmanned aircraft, the CAA now categorises flights based on the level of risk rather than the purpose.  As such, flights which previously fell within the scope of the DATA, DEVELOPMENT and DEMONSTRATION COVER can generally now be conducted within the scope of the BMFA’s standard Membership Cover - provided they are conducted within the terms of the BMFA’s Article 16 Authorisation or the ‘Open Category’ of CAP 722 and do not fall within the CAA’s definition for commercial flights (see https://www.caa.co.uk/Commercial-industry/Aircraft/Unmanned-aircraft/Small-drones/Guidance-on-using-unmanned-aircraft-and-drones-for-commercial-work/.)  

The BMFA Register of Commercial Traders provides a Membership Extension for current members, covering the limited number of activities which were previously covered by the D,D&D extension but which still remain outside the scope of the standard BMFA Membership Cover, including:

  • Trade stands at Exhibitions, Model Shows or Displays
  • The flying element of flight training schools
  • Small scale manufacturers of model aircraft parts and kits

We are pleased to offer the Commercial Traders Membership Extension at no cost to members. 

The only requirement is to register for it!

The application form can be downloaded from the link below.

Application Form