Join or Renew  (Country members)


Fees for 2018, 

Senior - £34 (From Sept 1st £17)
Junior - £17 (From Sept 1st £9)
Family Senior - £34 (From Sept 1st £17)
Family Partner - £23 (From Sept 1st £12)
Family Junior - £13 (From Sept 1st £7)

Please note that membership runs until 31st December, 2018 for all classes of membership

When you join the BMFA you are taking part in the development of model flying in the United Kingdom. You become part of the National Governing Body dedicated to the promotion and protection of the sport of model flying at all levels.

You are welcome to join the BMFA either as a member of an affiliated club, or as an individual. There are a number of classes of membership detailed below. Membership can be arranged online or by telephone 0116 2440028, alternatively an application form can be downloaded HERE and posted.