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British Model Flying Association
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BMFA Members and Model Flying on National Trust sites.

 Use of National Trust properties for model flying is acceptable, largely due to the establishment of licences between the Trust and local clubs.

In 1998 two precedent agreements were established between the Trust and the British Model Flying Association for affiliated clubs and model flying groups.
   Guiding Principles
   1. The National Trust welcomes unpowered model flying on its land, recognising that the activity seldom causes significant disturbance, provided particular care is taken with regard to other visitors, livestock and birds.
   2. Licences based upon the precedent agreements prepared jointly by the National Trust and the BMFA will regulate this activity.
   3. The agreement will be between the National Trust and the local club and endorsed by the BMFA.

For further information contact the BMFA or Tel 0116 244 0028


British Model Flying Association