CAA Annual Review of Model Flying

Representatives from the BMFA attended the ‘annual review of model flying’ with the CAA yesterday (26th November) along with representatives of the LMA, SAA, BARCS and FPVuK.

The BMFA submitted proposals that came out of the BMFA FPV & Multirotor Special Interest Group meeting held on 20/4/2013 that the existing General Exemption for First Person View Flying should be amended to increase the maximum take off mass for all aircraft types to 3.5Kg (currently 1.8Kg for fixed wing aircraft and 2.5Kg for rotorcraft) and that the maximum height of operation should be increased from 400ft to 1000ft agl. These were agreed and will  come into effect from March 2014.

The minutes of the FPV & Multirotor SIG can be downloaded here.

Please note the requirement for a “competent observer” still applies. The current exemption can be downloaded here.

The BMFA’s proposal was supported by all parties including FPVuK who provided some useful input. 

Other topics discussed included permanent inclusion of selected flying sites on the CAA Air Charts, the use of metal helicopter blades, the use of return to home failsafes, programmable waypoint flying and the operation of high speed turbine powered aircraft.