Robert (Bob) Mahoney

Robert (Bob) Mahoney

Robert (Bob to his friends) Mahoney passed away peacefully on Sunday February 22nd, after a short illness.


Bob was one of those people of whom you might think 'been there, done everything' and in many ways that was true, for he led a varied and interesting life. He was also a stickler for detail and seeing that things were done correctly, particularly with regard to safety.

Bob was a great photographer and  had spent some time in the Falklands during the war with Argentina, several of his photographs appearing in various publications at the time and subsequently.  It was he who I always called on if I needed photos taken of a new model, as I knew he could be relied on to produce 'the goods’.


Bob played an active part in the Hayes Model aircraft club for many years and was always at the forefront of the organised events which they held.

Helping juniors in the club and the hobby in general was also close to his heart. He also worked closely with the BMFA and was a silent flight examiner and the London area safety officer, as well as helping at various events which the BMFA attended.


For many years, Bob was a stalwart of the British Electric Flight Association, acting in various roles, including chairman, before the dissolution of the Association. He was a great organiser and could always be relied on to finish what he’d started. Since the Electric Flight association was dissolved, he had personally taken on the organisation of the annual electric flight weekend at Middle Wallop and had often borne the financial risk himself, such was his belief in the promotion of electric flight.


Although Bob could not be called one of our great model builders, he had a passion for modelling and, particularly, electric flight which was clear to all who knew him. He was also always game for a laugh.


Our sincere condolences to his Wife Diane, and family


RIP Bob