SAM 1066 meetings at Middle Wallop

Posted on behalf of SAM1066:

Following on from good news regarding the Easter Meeting, we have now heard that the balance of the program for the year has been granted permission, subject of course to the usual MoD caveats regarding cancellation at short notice. We live with this every year.

As a reminder, dates are:

3rd/4th May; 13th/14th June; 30th/31st August; 3rd/4th October & 15th November (AGM to be held after this last meeting.) The full comp program will appear in the next NC.

Notification has been received today from the Museum that they regrettably have to put up the field admission fee to £6.00 per person per day, due to increases in staff costs & overheads. This is applicable for the year’s program, Easter Meeting inclusive. Camping remains at £8.00 per vehicle.

Lastly – as clarification, the Easter Sunday Over 50” glider comp is for both Vintage & Classic models. I gather the vintage bit got lost in the electronic ether – apologies!