Model Flying in Ashdown Forest - Important Notice

Please take note of the following message from the South East Area Chairman, Stuart Willis.

"I have been contacted by The Conservators of Ashdown Forest (South East Area) they have had a complaint from a member of the public with regards to an individual flying a large model aeroplane in the Ellisons Pond area of Ashdown Forest at 3pm 30th August; The model was being flown very close to a grazing enclosure. The South Chase Ranger followed up the complaint and the person flying the model aeroplane was in fact a member of the BMFA and produced his membership card. The Ranger showed the individual a copy of the terms of the License, which the individual was not aware of and further challenged the flight times within the License. Unfortunately, the ranger did not get the person name or BMFA number so I have no way at the moment of speaking to the person directly. BMFA members are privileged to be able to fly on the forest, it is not a right and can be lost vary easily so I take this infringement very seriously, and will try to trace the individual.

Please note that flying oustide the terms of the licence could lead to the withdrawal of all model aircraft flying rights in Ashdown Forest.

Stuart Willis South East Area Chairman."