RAeC Invite bids for 2018 to host a ‘Queen’s Cup’ event for 2018.

RAeC Invite bids for 2018 to host a ‘Queen’s Cup’ event for 2018.

The Royal Aero Club of the United Kingdom (RAeC) would like to invite bids from RAeC Member Associations to host a ‘Queen’s Cup’ event for 2018.

Her Majesty The Queen approved the gift of the trophy to the Royal Aero Club of the United Kingdom in 2010 and events were held in 2011 (British Aerobatic Association), 2012 (British Microlight Aircraft Association), 2013 (British Balloon & Airship Club), 2016 (British Model Flying Association) and 2017 (Helicopter Club of Great Britain).

The trophy is of Irish silver and dates from around 1719 and sits on a wooden base. It has the Royal Arms on one side and the words “The Queen’s Air Race Challenge Cup” on the other.

All Member Associations are to be invited to submit a ‘bid’ to stage an air race at which the Queen’s Cup will be awarded as first prize.

Points to note when considering submitting a bid include:

  • The Queen’s Cup will be awarded to the winner of The Queen’s Cup Air Race.
  • It is a Challenge Trophy and cannot be won outright.
  • The Air Race can only be staged in the United Kingdom.
  • It can only be awarded to a British national.
  • It is a RAeC Trophy, the RAeC Chairman or his nominee must be invited to present it, or alternatively it can be presented during the annual RAeC Awards ceremony.
  • All current (and paid up!) RAeC Member Associations can submit ‘bids’ to stage the event.
  • The Queen’s Cup Air Race should be one of the Member Association’s most prestigious events.
  • The trophy will normally be stored at the RAF Museum and must be returned to the museum after the race.

Bids should include:

  • details of how the event is to be organised.
  • whether the winner will be given a replica, medal or certificate.
  • if the air race is an existing competition please indicate the event’s history including - number of competitors, heats, number of spectators etc.

Bids should be submitted to:

The Royal Aero Club
Chacksfield House
31 St Andrew’s Road
Leicester LE2 8RE
Email secretary@royalaeroclub.org
Fax 0116 244 0645

The closing date for bids for 2016 will be Monday 15th January with the successful bid being decided on Thursday 18th January.

Should there be any queries arising, please contact me.
Dave Phipps
General Secretary

2011 - British Aerobatics Association - (Phil Burgess)
2012 - British Microlight Aircraft Association - (Dan Curtis)
2013 - British Balloon & Airship Club - (Richard Parry)
2016 – British Model Flying Association (Gary Kent)
2017 – Helicopter Club of Great Britain (David Monks & Hugh Barklem)