Calling all Fighter Pilots - TV Show to recreate the Battle of Britain

Calling all Fighter Pilots - TV Show to recreate the Battle of Britain

Recently the BMFA has been assisting a large film production company on a mystery project. We're now in a position to announce the following, very exciting opportunity...

The Battle of Britain – on September 15th 1940, more than a thousand planes, took to the skies in the most intense aerial battle ever seen as Britain stood its ground, during the climax of Germany’s aerial offensive, a dramatic attempt to destroy key targets and knock the RAF out of the sky.

In honour of the RAF’s 100th Anniversary, LOVE Productions is planning to recreate the action during three pivotal days of the conflict, for the first time in TV history! With the help of an international team of model aircraft pilots and over 40 1:7 scale model aircraft for a prime-time television series.

We are reaching out to members of the BMFA to offer an inspiring and unique, one-off model military aircraft experience, which promises to immerse participants into the world of air battle!

If you take part what can you expect?

Held at a military camp, over the course of a few days, we will see 2 teams of model aircraft pilots engage in 3 main combats. These will be of various sizes, ranging from 10 planes, up to around 40.

We will create squadrons with pilots of all ages and attempt to fly in formation, engage in dogfights and shoot down enemy planes… in a comprehensive physical re-run of the Battle of Britain!

We intend to use this opportunity to test how the different planes handled and discuss the skill involved on each side and promote an understanding of model flying at its best! The experience will also be supported by a historian and relatives of veterans who fought in the Battle of Britain.

The planes used will be Chinese made, 1:7 scale replicas of the most important planes from both sides of the battle. On the German side we’ll have German pilots flying the Stuka, the Heinkel III, the Dornier 17, the Messerschmitt 110 and the famous Me 109 Fighter. The British side will be equipped with the mighty Spitfires and Hurricanes.

All our volunteers, on both sides of the battle, will pull together to succeed in learning from and honouring those who fought in the battles of 1940.

This opportunity is open to anyone who is 18+ and you can be of varying skill levels and there are several roles for different ranges of commitment, such as spotters and ground crew. We also want people of all nationalities, because after all, the war was fought by many, from around the world!

Lastly an interest in military history would be a bonus... Perhaps you got in to model aircraft flying after being inspired by a family member who was in the military or maybe you’d simply love to know more about the Battle of Britain!

If you take part in this unique, immersive experience – the action will take place in June and all travel, food and accommodation will be paid for and your aircraft will be provided.

If you are interested in finding out more please email you name, age, town, contact number and a bit about yourself to -