The 2019 Free Flight Forum Report- It’s A Bumper Issue

The 2019 Free Flight Forum Report- It’s A Bumper Issue

The Free Flight Forum Report is now in its thirty-fourth year. This year’s is just out and it’s the biggest yet, with no less than 17 papers, covering a vast range of the topics that make free-flight so fascinating.


  • Only Joules and Forces- Peter Watson;
  • Classic 1/2A Models - Simon Dixon;
  • Trimming the Sopwith Snipe - Mike Smith;
  • Russell Strips - Russell Peers;
  • Testing June 2016 Tan Super Sport in April 2017 - Tim Chant;
  • Developments in Carbon Wing Construction - Stuart Darmon;
  • Buckminster – We’ve Got It; How Can We Use It? - Gavin Manion/Stuart Darmon; 
  • The Management of Models - Mike Woodhouse;
  • Combined BMFA Rubber and CdH (F1G) - Phil Ball;
  • Drone Legislation and Free Flight - Dave Phipps;
  • The Rate of Climb of Model Aircraft - Dr. John Gibbings;
  • A Review of Contemporary FAI Space Modelling - Stuart Lodge;
  • GPS versus Radio Trackers - Mike Woodhouse;
  • About Time - Chris Edge;
  • “W” Style Geodetic Ribbing for Model Aircraft and Microlights - Denis Oglesby;
  • Flat Plates, Cambered Plates and Coupe Aerofoils - Alan Brocklehurst;
  • FAI Free Flight Since the BoM - Stuart Darmon.


The UK price is £13.00 including postage; to Europe it’s £15 and everywhere else £17. Sales of the Forum Reports help to defray the heavy expenses of those representing Great Britain at World and European Free-Flight Championships. Cheques should be payable to ‘BMFA F/F Team Support Fund’ in pounds sterling, drawn on a bank with a UK branch; you may also order by credit card, which is a lot easier (and cheaper).


Copies are available from :                Martin Dilly

                                                            20, Links Road,

                                                            West Wickham,


                                                            BR4 OQW


or by  phone: (44) + (0)20-8777-5533, or by e-mail to .