GBR European Gold for the British Speed Team.

Gold medals for the British Speed Team at the 2013 European Championships.

British Speed team member Ken Morrissey has retained his European crown won in 2011 in Poland and is the 2013 European Champion with a best speed of 301.5 kph.  The Speed Team Gold medal goes to the British team of Ken Morrissey, Paul Eisner and Peter Halman who are the 2013 European Championship team.

Ken made his marvellous 301.5 kph in the first round; Paul’s best flight of 298.7 kph was made in the second round and Peter’s best flight of 298.2 kph was made in the third round.  This was a blistering Championship in more ways than one: shade temperatures of 40oC plus stiff competition in the shape of the home team Hungarians and the Ukrainians.  But despite the heat, Peter, Paul and Ken were at the training track for untold hours testing & training and it all paid off with another team gold medal.

As one Italian was overheard to say “this British team is the best ever in the world, even better than the Russian teams” (who dominated F2A Speed for many years).

So the F2A team are bringing home two Speed gold medals with the team gold coming home for the 16th year in a row!  Add this to the second consecutive individual gold for Ken and the whole performance is unprecedented in the annals of F2A.