Update - CAA Operator I.D. numbers

Earlier in the week we reported that the CAA expected BMFA members to receive their Operator I.D. numbers by the end of the week.

However, as of Friday afternoon, only 4000 BMFA members I.D. numbers had been processed due to a technical problem with their system.  The DMARES guys have informed us that they will be working over the weekend to process the remaining records.  They anticipate that all members (who provided an email address) will be in receipt of their Operator I.D's by Monday morning.

We also reported that the wording of the CAA's email had been updated after the first 2000 I.D's had been emailed out.  Unfortunately, the next 2000 records were then sent out with the original email (which we are assured has now been corrected).  The erroneous email stated that a Flyer I.D. was also required which is incorrect.  To be clear, members with any form of BMFA Achievement including the Registration Competency Certificate (RCC) do not need a Flyer I.D.