National Centre News Release - Corona Virus Measures

National Centre News Release - Corona Virus Measures


We have been monitoring the current situation carefully and have been awaiting clear guidance from the Government before making decisions relating to the activity at the National Centre.

It is clear that the Coronavirus situation is developing rapidly in the UK.

General Flying

In general terms model flying represents a low risk activity due to the predominantly outdoor nature of the activity and the opportunity to maintain separation.

On this basis the National Centre will remain open for normal day to day flying activity in accordance with the site status box which runs three days ahead.

The Hangar facilities and flyers toilet block will all remain in service and will be provided with additional hand sanitising facilities.

We ask that visitors take reasonable precautions whilst on site and strongly suggest that anyone exhibiting symptoms or in a high-risk group (pre-existing condition/weakened immune system) follow the guidance provided on the Government website:


At this time the intent is to continue the programme of outdoor flying events through the summer, however, in accordance with Government guidelines it is likely that events with a significant indoor/group aspect may have to be postponed.

Any event changes will be announced on an individual basis, the first event of significant concern is the swapmeet on April the 5th, a formal announcement relating to this event will follow within the next few days.

Manny Williamson