COVID - 19 Update:- A return to the Skies - Now includes Scotland.

Further to our previous updates which you can read at it now appears that a return to model flying is now possible for some in England, Northern Ireland and now Scotland from tomorrow (29th May).

Please note that the Scottish Government are recommending you do not travel more than 5 miles for outdoor recreation.

(An announcement is expected for Wales tomorrow, 29th May).

Please remember that it still cannot be considered as being business as usual.  We would recommend that members continue following current advice from their specific government.

Some clubs have introduced booking systems to limit the number allowed on the field at any one time to ensure compliance with social distancing requirements and to minimise wasted journeys.  We would also re-iterate that where landowners have closed their sites (such as the MOD and National Trust) you must not fly there until they re-open.  

Model flying should not be regarded as a social activity at the present time and when members go flying, we would advise that the purpose of the trip is to fly their aircraft and nothing else.  Do not mingle with other people and respect social distancing guidance from your own government to ensure you maintain a safe distance. 

If in any doubt, please stay at home.