***UPDATED 22/6/2020*** Small Unmanned Aircraft – Remote Pilot Competency Requirements for Remote Pilots in Possession of a BMFA Achievement Certificate and for Control Line flights

The exemptions from article 94F of the Air Navigation Order, (see https://rcc.bmfa.uk/ufaqs/article-94f-certain-small-unmanned-aircraft-requirement-for-acknowledgement-of-competency ) has been extended until 30th December 2020 when the CAA intend to introduce the new European UAS Regulations at which point the exemptions should be incorporated in to the specific permission that is being negotiated with the CAA for BMFA members and members of other UK model flying associations. See here for further details.

The updated exemption is available to view and download from our www.be-lawful.bmfa.uk


See Updated exemption for those in possession of an Achievement Scheme Certificate.

See Updated Exemption for control line flights.