Due to restrictions on face to face meetings it has been decided to hold the 2020 Free Flight Forum online using Zoom, opening at 10.00 GMT (London time) on Nov. 15th.

Chaired by Mike Fantham, the speakers and topics are:    Simon Dixon – The Models of Ray Monks; Mike Woodhouse – Tame your F1B and Related Thoughts; John Emmett – Possible Future Uses for Electronics in Free Flight (Rule Changes May be Needed); Peter Martin – Simulated 3D Flight Dynamics- An Approach to Gain Insight for Trimming and Aircraft Development; Sue Johnson - What Next for a Lady Flyer?; Phil Ball - Building in Lock-Down; Andy Sephton - F3-RES … RC for the Ageing Free Flighter.

For full details of how to register to attend the online 2020 Free Flight Forum and the program of speakers please visit https://freeflight.bmfa.org/2020-forum

The 2020 Free Flight Forum report, containing the papers from the 2019 Free Flight Forum is also available to order from the link below