2021 Free Flight Forum Report

Despite Covid and thanks to Zoom, the Free Flight Forum took place in November and the 2021 Free Flight Forum Report is now available. It covers a wide range of topics to inform, challenge and inspire you, whatever your free-flight interest and for the first time, it’s in full colour.

Indoor Duration - A Challenge to Conventional Design - Tony Hebb; Coupe in a Box - Gavin Manion; Building Other People's Mistakes - Stuart Darmon; The Models of Ray Monks – Simon Dixon;  Simulated 3D Flight Dynamics - An Approach to Gain Insight for Trimming and Aircraft Development - Peter Martin; Building During Lock-down - Phil Ball; Tame Your F1B and Related Thoughts - Mike Woodhouse; What Next for a Lady Flyer - Sue Johnson; F3 RES - RC for the Aging Free Flighter - Andy Sephton; From Wichita to Robin III - Mike Fantham; Further Thoughts on Carbon-Skinned Wings for F1A - Stuart Darmon; Geo Fencing and  Electronic Stability - John Emmett.  

The UK price is £13.00 including postage; to Europe it’s £16 and everywhere else £20. Sales of the Forum Reports help to defray the heavy expenses of those representing Great Britain at World and European Free-Flight Championships. Cheques should be payable to ‘BMFA F/F Team Support Fund’ in pounds sterling, drawn on a bank with a UK branch; you may also order by credit card, which is a lot easier (and cheaper).

Copies are available from: Martin Dilly, 20, Links Road, West Wickham, Kent, BR4 OQW or by phone to: (44) + (0)20-8777-5533, or by e-mail to martindilly20@gmail.com.