Free Flight Nationals 2021 substitute contests

Free Flight Nationals 2021 substitute contests

The replacement contests for a cut down substitute Free Flight Nationals will not be the same as the “real” Nationals. We will apply a “light touch” organisation. The contests will be flown for their respective Free Flight Nationals trophies. The contests will be run to the standard gala format.


Free Flight Scale - Sculthorpe

  • The STC will run a casual free flight scale session with no specific contests at the East Anglian Gala.


Bowden Trophy – Sculthorpe

  • SAM35 will run the Bowden at the East Anglian Gala.


SAM35 - Sculthorpe

  • The 4.0- and 8.0-ounce Wakefield to be run at the East Anglian Gala


Entry and Fees

There will be no pre-entry requirement. Entry on the day. The fee will be £5.00 per day that allows the entrant to fly in as many events/classes as they desire.



There will be no camping or other facilities except for the provision of toilets. The entrance gate at Sculthorpe will be manned.


Free Flight Open – Salisbury Plain - August 28/29th

Saturday                                 Sunday

Combined Glider                      SLOP

Combined Rubber                    P30 Rubber

Combined Power                      Hand Launch glider

Combined Electric                   Vintage rubber/power

Tailless                                    Mini Vintage

Woman’s Cup                          CO2 Duration

Catapult Glider                        Vintage Glider

FROG Junior                           Classic rubber/power*

E30 Electric                             Classic Glider

                                                BMFA 1/2A power


  • *Classic/rubber power will include the Cranfield Classic
  • Start 09:00 finish 18:00


Free Flight FAI – Salisbury Plain – September 4th/5th

Saturday                       Sunday

F1A                               F1H

F1B                                F1G

F1C                                F1J

F1Q                               E36


  • Number of flights to be decided on the day. There will be no rounds
  • Start 09:00 finish 17:00