Covid Restrictions Update – 10/08/2021

As the National Governing Body for model flying in the UK the BMFA remains obliged under the Government’s guidance on COVID-19 measures for grassroots sport to provide advice and guidance to enable model flying to be conducted safely.  That guidance is provided in our 6 steps to COVID-Secure at  With the recent removal of some legally-mandated requirements it is now a matter for individual clubs to decide which of these measures they should continue to employ to minimise the risk of infection and try to ensure their members stay safe. When deciding which, if any, can be relaxed it should be remembered that the pandemic is still ongoing with upwards of 25000 new cases daily.  Therefore, we recommend that clubs continue to operate in a COVID-Secure manner. With respect to track and trace, whist this is no longer mandatory for entry to establishments it may still be considered appropriate in some circumstances.  As a minimum the Government advises clubs to continue to provide an NHS QR code to support NHS Test & Trace and/or a manual log to allow those who wish to record their attendance to do so.  


For the avoidance of doubt it should also be noted that the implementation of COVID-Secure measures has no bearing whatsoever on the BMFA’s Article 16 authorisation and is the policy of Central  Government and the devolved Administrations, not the CAA.