Model Aircraft & Drone flying restrictions during COP26 (Scotland)

Temporary airspace restrictions will be in place between 2259 hours on 30 October and 2359 hours on 13 November 2021 across a large area of central Scotland as part of security measures to protect COP26. 

The restrictions will apply to the operation of all aircraft including model aircraft and drones.  The restrictions apply within the areas bounded by the bold black lines and circles shown on the map.

Most of the restrictions apply to the airspace from the surface upwards although the restrictions in Area A only apply above 400ft.

Full details of the restricted airspace can be found at:

Inspector Graeme Rankin from Police Scotland's Aviation Safety and Security Unit has committed to permit as much aviation as possible to take place during COP26, but if clubs or members are wanting to fly within the restricted airspace then permission must be obtained 24 hours before you fly from Police Scotland by emailing

Further details of the temporary airspace restrictions can be found on the Police Scotland website at