BMFA Centenary Record Attempt - 15th May 2022. Information for members.

We are now only 5 weeks away from our Centenary record attempt which will be taking place at flying sites across the UK on Sunday 15th May at noon. So far almost 200 clubs have registered to take part. The good news is there is still time for clubs to register to take part. All a club needs to do is read the information and complete a simple online form available at

All members of the British Model Flying Association, British Drone Flyers and BMFA Youth Groups are eligible to participate in the record attempt. To make the attempt accessible, models of all types may be flown, from chuck gliders and simple rubber powered aircraft like the BMFA Dart to Jets and multi-engine scale models as well as racing, freestyle and camera drones. All are welcome!

To take part this is what you need to do:

  • Members taking part in the attempt at their own club site should ensure they have registered with the Record Attempt Co-ordinator for their club.  There is no requirement for individual pilots to register directly with the BMFA.
  • Models and drones must be flown in accordance with the BMFA and local flying site rules and the record attempt can take place outdoors or indoors at any suitable flying site.

For Country members and members of those whose clubs are not registered to participate you can still do so at any of the many clubs across the country who are accepting guest participants. For a full list of those clubs registered see 


To register to take part as a guest at one of the locations on the map click the markers to find the contact details of the record co-ordinator at those sites and register in advance with them. You will need to provide them with your full name, BMFA number and information on the model/drone you will be flying. It is essential you make contact in advance of the 15th May to ensure you have all the required information to fly as a guest and to ensure your aircraft is suitable and you meet the requirements of any local site rules.


Please do not just turn up and expect to take part without having contacted the record co-ordinator at the flying site first.


Finally, on Tuesday 12th April at 7pm the BMFA In the Air Tonight webinar will feature guest speakers Paul Hoey and Simon Vaitkevicius, who will be talking about the BMFA Centenary celebrations and the record attempt. This is your chance to hear more and ask any questions you may have about the record attempt.

To register to attend the webinar please click on the link below.

We look forward to hearing your stories of what it was like to take part in a world record attempt across the UK. Let’s make sure we are all world record holders.

If you have any questions at all about the record attempt please drop an email to the BMFA Records Officer, Simon Vaitkevicius, at