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Notification of Jamming Trial – MOD West Freugh, 10 January – 4 February 2022 which may affect the operation of model aircraft and drones

See CAA have asked us to raise awareness of these notifications so that members are suitably well informed in order to be able to make informed decisions regarding their flying activity.  The CAA have also asked us to alert members to their Skywise notification system, which anyone is free to sign up to.  You can read more about this on the Skywise website.DetailsActivity impacti...
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BMFA Article 16 Mandatory Occurrence reporting Guidance

The BMFA Article 16 Authorisation includes a requirement for remote pilots to report certain accidents, serious incidents and other occurrences to the Air Accident Investigation Branch (AAIB) and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).  This was an existing requirement, but has been emphasised in the terms of our Authorisation.To read the full guidance about mandatory occurrence reporting see If you have been involved in an incident and are not sur...
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Advanced Failsafe Options for Rotorcraft

ADVANCED FAILSAFE OPTIONS Following on from the work put in by the BMFA technology special interest group, we now have approval from the CAA for the use of advanced failsafe options on rotorcraft. Previously the requirement to use throttle closed or idle on loss or corruption of signal has applied to all model aircraft, however it has been clear for some time that this requirement does not suit all aircraft, particularly multicopters, and the ability to utilise the functionality that many of the...
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