CAA Annual Review of Model Flying

Representatives from the BMFA attended the ‘annual review ofmodel flying’ with the CAA yesterday (26th November) along withrepresentatives of the LMA, SAA, BARCS and FPVuK.The BMFA submitted proposals thatcame out of the BMFA FPV & MultirotorSpecial Interest Group meeting held on 20/4/2013 that theexisting General Exemption for First Person View Flying should be amended toincrease the maximum take off mass for all aircraft types to 3.5Kg (currently1.8Kg for fixed wing aircraft an...
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Achievement Scheme testing at Commercial Flying Schools

Future Achievement Scheme testing at Commercial Flying Schools At the BMFA Full Council meeting in May earlier this year, a vote was passed that effectively prohibits achievement scheme tests being conducted by examiners working in commercial model flight training schools.  It prevents them testing their own pupils and or those of other instructors working at the same school.This doesn’t necessarily put an end to testing taking place at training schools full stop, it’s just...
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GBR F1D European Championship Silver!

Silver Medals for the British F1D European Championship Team  Congratulations to the British team of Tony Hebb, Mark Benns and Derek Richards for bringing home the Team Silver medal at the F1D (Indoor Duration) European Championships in Serbia. To achieve this fantastic result in an extremely competitive field, their individual positions were 4th (Tony Hebb), 6th (Mark Benns) and 14th (Derek Richards).
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GBR European Gold for the British Speed Team.

Gold medals for the British Speed Team at the 2013 European Championships.British Speed team member Ken Morrissey has retained his European crown won in 2011 in Poland and is the 2013 European Champion with a best speed of 301.5 kph.  The Speed Team Gold medal goes to the British team of Ken Morrissey, Paul Eisner and Peter Halman who are the 2013 European Championship team.Ken made his marvellous 301.5 kph in the first round; Paul’s best flight of 298.7 kph was made in the second rou...
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GBR F3N World Championship Silver!

A very well deserved  World Championship silver medal for the British Team of Duncan Osbourn, Stuart Mott and Stuart Smith at the second F3N Freestyle Helicopter Championships!  Duncan placed 4th, Stuart Mott, 5th and Stuart Smith 17th.  The World Championships were fiercely fought from the first day and the GBR team under Team Manager Rob Turnbull were not to be deflected from their goal of a medal.  This silver medal builds on the bronze medal they won at the first European...
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Terry Parris 1936 – 2013

The secretary of the East Sussex Soaring Association regrets to inform model fliers in Sussex of the death of Terry Parris who died at his home in Eastbourne on 23 June 2013. He had been ill for some time but had been appearing on the slope until quite recently.Terry was a founder member of the East Sussex Soaring Association in 1976, along with John Adams, Cam Tate and Adrian Lawson-Wood. The club was set up with the objective of developing interest in slope flying and also to create a local bo...
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