Mike Evatt 1942 - 2020

Mike Evatt started his career in competitive free flight in 1957 when he won the Golden Wings contest for under 16s organised by Aeromodeller magazine. He was a member of the Northampton Club then. Along with people like Jaguar designer Ted Evans, Bert Revell and one time Aeromodeller editor and F1C team member Martyn Cowley. Trevor Payne recalls that he and Mike first joined the Northampton MAC when they were 16; the club had a basement meeting room in Kingsthorpe Hall which was in Thorntons Pa...
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Update on CAA Operator Registration and the new General Exemption E5006 (ORS 1345)

If you are one of the 18,500 members who registered with the CAA as an Operator via the BMFA prior to the 10th February, then you should be receiving your operator number within the next few days.  The automated email sent to the first 2000 BMFA members uploaded by the CAA earlier this week included reference to the requirement for a Flyer I.D. (which members are exempted from in accordance with CAA General Exemption E 4972).  This has now been amended to reduce confusion.The purpose of the orig...
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*** Important Update - Latest CAA Exemption & Registration ***

Following the recent update  and issue of the latest exemption from the CAA we have had correspondence from members asking for clarification on the matter.The BMFA's CEO has been in communication with the CAA over the matter with the hope of bringing a clearer picture and concrete guidance for BMFA members.With the social media rumour mill doing its best to muddy the waters, can we ask that our members please sit tight for 24 hours whilst whilst the CEO works hard for a clearer resolution.Furthe...
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Mick Tiernan

A sad loss to the world of Aeromodelling.It's with a great deal of sadness that I have to inform people of the passing of Mick Tiernan on Friday 17th January 2020.Mick was the first ever F2D Control Line Combat World Champion when the World Champs were held at RAF Woodvale Southport in 1978 as well as previously holding the National Championship title and many other both in the UK and abroad.Throughout his years in Combat, he became very much the innovator coming up with many new ideas in model ...
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