Does anyone in your club deserve an award?  Then please nominate them!

It can be the person who cuts the grass, a long-standing committee member or a committed instructor.

Why not give some recognition to the people who work hard in your club?  

Country members why not nominate someone who has worked continually running events for you?


National and International Honours and Awards

The following honours and awards are the gifts of the BMFA/SMAE, the RAeC, and the FAI respectively, and are in recognition of the devotion and efforts undertaken by individuals to the benefit of their organisations. Should you wish to nominate someone for an award  there are certain procedures to follow and a booklet explaining them, and  comprehensive details of the awards criteria, entitled Awards Procedures, is available to download.

Download the Awards Procedures Booklet and the  Nomination Form

Also available to download is the Nomination Form. This form may be used to nominate for any of the awards.  To allow time for the processing of nominations, prior to consideration by Council, submissions should arrive at the BMFA office not later than 1st August.  

Fellowship of the SMAE. Awarded to a long standing member who over many years has served the Association with distinction and selfless loyalty. 

Honorary Membership of the SMAE. Awarded in consideration of special qualifications, or for many years has served the Association, and the model aircraft movement. 

SMAE Medal.  Awarded to a member or group of members who have served the cause of model flying and the society by their particularly meritorious or sustained endeavours.

BMFA Certificate of Merit.  Awarded to a member or group of members who have served the Association and the cause of model flying by meritorious endeavour.
BMFA Certificate of Appreciation.  Awarded in recognition of the vital help provided to British model flying by those organisations and individuals who support the Society, its National Teams and member Clubs via sponsorship, the provision of facilities or the  voluntary commitment of time and effort.

Ray Malmstrom Award.  Awarded for services to model flying outside the framework of the Association. 

Arthur Mullett Trophy.  Awarded for services to model flying within the framework of the Association. 

Roger Bedford Memorial Trophy.  Awarded for promotion of the Education Scheme.
Graham Lynn Rose Bowl.  Awarded for services to aeromodelling above and beyond the call of duty.
Kath Watson Trophy.  Awarded at the Chairman's discretion for administrative excellence.
Henry J Award.  Awarded to the outstanding Junior of the year.

The Perkins Slade Pilot of the Year Trophy.  Awarded annually to the pilot achieving an outstanding performance at the highest level of competition.


Royal Aero Club Awards 

Prince of Wales Cup.  Awarded for the most meritorious performance, feat, or event by either a team or a group during the preceding year. 

Royal Aero Club Diploma.  Awarded to those who have served the RAeC, sporting aviation  in general by their meritorious endeavours. 

Gold, Silver, Bronze Medals.  Awarded for outstanding achievement during the preceding year, principally but not necessarily as a pilot. 

RAeC Certificate of Merit.  Awarded to those who, while not eligible for a  major RAeC award, have served the cause of aviation in general, or sporting aviation in particular, by their work, devotion or initiative. 

President's Breitling Trophy.  Awarded annually to an individual, or a group of young people aged between 14 and 21 years,  for outstanding work, performance or achievement in connection with any aerospace activity.


FAI Awards 

FAI Aeromodelling Gold Medal. Awarded to an individual who has shown outstanding merits in developing aeromodelling by organisational activities. Three times FAI jury member. Three years delegate to FAI Aeromodelling commission. Twice contest director of World or European Championships. Five times as a judge at world/continental championships. 

Andrei Tupolev Medal. Awarded to a model flyer for outstanding world record performance who in the same year wins the world and national championships in the same model classification. 

FAI Airsports Medals. Awarded for work in FAI commissions and committees, for organising world and continental championships, for training and education of new pilots, parachutists, or aeromodellers for promoting aviation in general, and especially with young people. 

The Antonov  Aeromodelling Diploma. May be awarded annually to an aeromodeller for technical innovations in aeromodelling. 

The Andrei Tupolov Diploma. May be awarded to a model flyer for outstanding record performance in model flying. 

The Alphonse Penaud Diploma. May be awarded to a model flyer who has;-

                                                        • Obtained 3 times consecutively the title of national champion, or

                                                        • Obtained at least once the title of world champion, or

                                                        • Established at least 3 world records, or

                                                        • Shown other outstanding sporting achievements, 

The Nile Gold Medal. Is awarded to a person or a group of persons, or organisation to reward distinguished work in the field of aerospace education, particularly in the year of the  award. 

The Paul Tissandier Diploma. Is awarded  to those who have served the cause of aviation in general, and sporting aviation in particular, by their work, initiative, and devotion, or in other ways. 

The Frank Ehling Diploma. May be awarded annually for outstanding accomplishment, by an organisation, or individual, in connection with the promotion of aviation, through the use of flying models.