Peter Jenkins

I started aeromodelling in 1962 when I was 11 with a Keil Kraft Hurricane rubber powered model.  Needless to say, this did not have a successful outcome!  I then moved on via a Mercury Magpie to Control Line eventually gaining success after many not quite completed circuits which required increasing amounts of re-building!  I then decided to try radio control and started with building the popular MacGregor kits before moving onto building a 6 Channel Remcon proportional Rx, Tx and servos – certainly sharpened up my soldering skills!  None of these was particularly successful and by this time I was at University and had discovered full size gliding and then, when I was in the RAF, power flying!  So, aeromodelling went into hibernation, emerged briefly to try and encourage my sons into control line unsuccessfully and did not finally emerge until Jan 2001 when a New Year’s resolution “to get a life” finally got me back to aeromodelling.  When I bought my first ARTF trainer and radio gear I was amazed at what progress has been made in the past 30 years.  I gained my A Cert (FW) fairly quickly but the B proved to be a real struggle as work kept getting in the way.  Finally, when I had stopped work, I was able to focus on getting my B(FW) and then to enter my longed for area of aerobatics of the precision variety.  Having entered the first SebArt Cup Competition at the first UK World Cup Event (what a venue to make your aerobatic competition debut with a GBR team member as my caller and many of the top European pilots looking on at my antics!).  I flew a Wot 4 at that first event and came 7th out of 10.  I was hooked by F3A.  Since then, I’ve graduated to an electric powered 2 m F3A machine and now fly in the GBR/CAA competitions – not as many as I would like though!  I also organise and run training sessions for pilots who would like to try their hand at precision aerobatics.  This has proved popular and has resulted in a few pilots going on to fly in the main competitions.  As I have been lucky to get funding for these training days from the East Anglia Area I eventually volunteered as their Delegate in late 2013 when the vacancy arose. I hold a BMFA Qualified Instructor rating for FW and am a Club Examiner.