Mike Woodhouse FSMAE has been involved in aeromodelling since the age of 8 and has flown control line and some radio control soarers. However his main love has been competition free flight mainly flying international class glider and rubber models.

Mike has some successes on both the home and international front and represented the UK at Championships in both F1A and F1B on several occasions. Mike has also managed the International team at 5 Championships and he hopes to carry on flying at the top level for a few more years.

Mike has been the chairman of the Free Flight Technical Committee since 2001 and also served as both the secretary and treasurer for the East Anglia Area committee and for the Vikings Free Flight Group.

Mike was awarded a BMFA fellowship on 2002 and in 2006 received the distinguished service award from The National Free Flight Society of America.

Free flight in the UK is relatively healthy considering the issues that surround the activity, that of an ageing membership and the pressure on flying sites. Over the past 12 years Mike has helped to steer and stabilise the situation. Mike has chaired the FFTC as they have developed and expanded links with SAM35 trying to make the BMFA Free Flight Nationals a bigger and better experience.