Mark Benns has remained an active member of the Peterborough Model Flying Club for over 38 years. He has held committee posts in the Indoor and Free Flight Technical Committees since 2005 as well as playing an active role in the procurement of the BMFA National Visitor Centre.

Married with two grown up children, Mark is a Chartered Architect running his own Practice and is also a Director of a Company developing large scale Combined Heat & Power projects.

A Free Flight aeromodeller since the age of 12 he has juggled his enthusiasm in both Indoor duration and outdoor competition. Mark recalls his first insight into aeromodelling was watching an RC glider demonstration at a local school fete, two weeks later he was hooked and a member of the Society.

He dabbled with RC slope soaring back in his University days in Sussex and has been dizzied by Control Line at Cabbage Patch Nationals but his real passion is flying hand launched gliders, rubber models and for the last 12 years Competing at National, European and World level in the Indoor class of F1D.