My father introduced me to model flight back in the early 70’s aged 7, when I tagged along with him on Sunday afternoons to watch him fly at the Monmouth and Raglan Aero Club. After several months just watching, he finally left me have a go on the transmitter button to make the Super Sixty turn in circles. Wow, I made the plane do that! We progressed onto proportional control and flew every weekend until I was 10, when I joined the Scouts. Model aeroplanes had to take a back seat for many years whilst education, Scouting and then work (electronics engineering) took up my time.

I regained the bug in 2005 after spotting a chap in a field having loads of fun flying a model Spitfire. Once he’d safely landed, I interrogated him on his flying skills and ended up joining the Gaer Park Model Flying Club. I soon fitted dad’s old Crescent Bullet out with new 35MHz radio gear and with some effort remembered what to do with the transmitter sticks!  Within six months I took my A certificate and not too long after passed the B fixed wing certificate.

I became secretary of the Gaer Park MFC in 2006 and I’m currently still on the committee as secretary.  I have been attending the Mid West BMFA meetings since 2006 and in 2011 they proudly voted me as their delegate to attend the main BMFA Council meetings.