Born in June 1965, I’m probably the youngest Council member, not just in age, but aero modelling experience. I joined the BMFA in September 1998, whilst recovering from a knee operation from injuries received pursuing my hobby of riding Trials motorcycles.

I purchased my first model, a President Hi- Boy trainer, with all the equipment and set off for my local flying club. The Teesside Model Flying Club’s instructors checked everything out for me, all was well and from that moment I was hooked. I got my “A” certificate, and enjoyed many long days at the club field, but soon all the “field politics” got to me so I joined the club committee to sort things out somewhat.

I was a prime mover in establishing the very successful Teesside Model Air show, which has raised significant money for charities over the years. My natural talent for a challenge has seen me securing around £20,000 of grant aid for the club enabling us to purchase and develop a large site, a frequency scanner, safety equipment and 12 complete training packages for new members.

I chaired the club for a few years, accompanying the club delegate to the N.E. Area meetings representing the club in his absence, eventually being co-opted to the post of Area PRO in August 2002. My biggest insight as to the work of the BMFA was accompanying the Delegate to Areas Council as Chairman alternate. The Area AGM of 2006 saw me voted into the position of Area Chairman.

The 2007 AGM saw another turn of events when the delegate stood down after 20 years on Council, and I volunteered to take the position and as it happened he took mine. I don’t get to fly as often as I would like these days, but do enjoy a challenge, which has seen me devoting some of my holiday time to the Power Nationals, Top Gun and our very own North Eastern Area Geordie Nats.