Maurice Doyle


Maurice is a Civil Engineer

He started before 1952, as he can remember the Eliminatror, winner of the 1952 Power Champs, on the cover of Model Aircraft in the Model Shop in Belfast. He joined Belfast MFC and has been a member ever since. Starting in F/F, he also flies all classes of C/L, plus Indoor F/F and R/C, and would try all types of models if time permitted.

He has flown internationally from 1958, when he was the youngest competitor at the W/C at Cranfield, an unforgettable experience. Further competitions at National and International level, F/F and C/L, followed, and he has since flown R/C Soaring, Indoor and Indoor R/C as the opportunity arises. He has been Irish and British Champion in numerous classes.

To allow access to Grant Aid in Northern Ireland, he jointly formed the Northern Ireland Association of Aeromodellers, and following recognition as a Sport by the Sports Council, the first in the UK, we regularly received £1000 per annum for top level performers and events. This continued until the SC became more controlling than supporting.

The NIAA has since become the Northern Ireland Area. After being Secretary for many years, he has now followed Howard Menary as Chairman and Delegate. The original 2 Clubs in 1971 have now become 25, and the Area has an enviable record for attendance at Meetings, with more than half the Clubs attending.

The Local Authorities in NI have recently been reorganised and have taken on Planning powers, which could be very significant to us. He has written to the new CEOs, congratulating them on their appointment and giving them a synopsis of Aeromodelling, stating our needs and how we could contribute to STEM development. This has been copied this to the Mayor in each case. With the major threat to our future being difficulties with flying fields, we need all the friends we can find.  

He has organised the Ulster C/L Championships and assisted with Area Championships in many classes, plus many Club events. As PRO of the Area, he has encouraged and supported many Displays and local involvement in BMFA Challenges at all levels.

He had a career in Public Service as Project Manager on many and varied Civil and related projects, retired, and has since worked part time as Quality Manager for a private Consultancy.    

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