I have been interested in model aircraft since a family friend gave me a rubber-powered model when I was about 10 (1948). The first model I made myself was a Veron Rascal at aged 11. I went on to build various Keil Kraft models including their scale series costing 3/6 in those days. Moved to free flight power and then control line; I still have my original ED 246 Racer.

I was fascinated by the prospect of radio-control but waited until Reptone marketed their single channel set after the advent of transistors; however the TX still used a valve and it required 2- 67v Eveready batteries in series to power it. My first RC model was. I was the first in the local area to obtain regular controlled  flights, flying a Veron Robot, ED Racer with rubber escapement; the local model shop owner came to see for himself. My first multi channel set was again by Reptone, 10 channel on reeds, but never had great success, not helped by the 10oz weight of the receiver and the model being generally under- powered by a Merco 35.

I then had a short break of about six years due to marriage and owning a newsagents shop.

In the mid-70's my interests became more and more silent flight oriented and started competing in pylon racing with Ridge Racers at Crook Peak and other sites; I then went on to cross country and some open thermal events.

In the 80's the slope pylon racing changed to F3F soaring, one model at a time to save model attrition and I changed over and won a few events, traveling to Denmark as part of the team taking part in the Viking race 1989. I was one of the organisers of the 1991 Viking race held in the Buxton area.

I was very interested in F3B after the first WC in South Africa 1977 but it was not until 1989 that I first took part in the BMFA league and have taken part every year since then.  I was one of the organisers of the international F3B Achilles Trophy FAI comps held at Upton-on-Severn in 1998 and 1999. Since the beginning of the 2000 season I have been the BMFA F3B League coordinator and Chairman of SFTC from 2007. In 2007 I was TM at the WC in Switzerland. I would like to hold an F3B WC in the UK but costs which need to be covered are now becoming prohibitive (estimated costs in Switzerland £40,000).