Born July 1955 in Carshalton. My father was an aircraft mechanic based at Croydon airport but was relocated to the new Gatwick airport so the family relocated to Crawley when I was just 16 months old.

My first venture into the world of model aircraft was at age 10 when I joined the School Aero Club then later in the Crawley Aero club and the SMAE, as it was then, flying control line combat models and free flight rubber models. My first model was a "Phantom Mite" constructed with the help of my father and the words that have been so true over the years: "If you built it, you can repair it".
I'm a Support Engineer for an international software house and sit behind a computer screen all day so enjoy getting out and flying whenever I can.

I got back into modelling in the late 1990's - first with helicopters and later moved on to fixed-wing models. I joined the Felbridge Flyers of which I'm an active member, being on the club’s committee as the ‘Webmaster’, as well as being one of the club’s fixed-wing instructors which I enjoy very much; seeing others being able to take to the skies on their own and enjoy the sport as much as I do is a very rewarding experience.

I fly mainly radio-controlled models, both IC and electric, and both fixed-wing and rotary. I enjoy building as much as I do flying, spending many hours in my shed tinkering with wood and glue - as my tolerant wife would testify!