I am a retired NHS consultant anaesthetist wishing to give something back to aeromodelling now that I have a bit more time available. I became an aeromodeller as a teenager, firstly with KeilKraft free flight rubber kits and then with home-designed control line models running PAW diesels. Finding control line unpleasantly dizzying, I obtained a 27 MHz MacGregor single channel ‘bang-bang’ set with which I lost several models before building a reed receiver from a magazine design and modifying the MacGregor to drive it. I built a two-channel digital proportional system, including the servos, in the early seventies, but it was too heavy for aircraft use so was pressed into service in an electric scale motor torpedo boat.
Medical school, competitive hockey and fencing, postgraduate training, and family commitments created a lull in my flying activities until purchasing my first model helicopter in the mid-nineties, a Morley Maverick. Progress was slow following the initial flurry that resulted in my A certificate, as a result of work and ongoing family commitments, but retirement has provided more time to improve my flying. I do also fly fixed wing, but my main flying interests are scale and vintage helicopters.