I have been building and flying R/C models for about 30 plus years. During this time I became a demonstration pilot for a few model manufacturers flying around the shows. The main company I flew for was Skyway Models (formally Unique Models) and eventually bought the company around 1985. This was when most of the pleasure of flying and building models for myself to fly went.

Skyway was only ever operated on a part time basis as myself and my wife both had full time jobs and the only flying I was able to do was at shows especially as we took on more in house manufacture of components for the kits, more so on the foam cutting side. We became self taught dab hands at it.

Eventually in October 2004 we sold the business as the time required was becoming too much for our ageing years and there was no longer the energy to develop new designs.

Since then I have been able to become more involved with mainly the Achievement Scheme side of things i.e. instruction and training for any disciplines within the scheme and as Area Co-ordinator be able to do some more co-ordinating than was possible when we owned the business. I now even, weather permitting, try to fly a model at least once a week in at least one of the three clubs I belong to.