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RAeC "Facilitation Letters" are now available on request from the BMFA office.

There are two occasions when you may need to take an RAeC Facilitation Letter with you to an FAI international competition.  Either when the competition is an FAI open competition including World Cups or when it is an FAI Championship and there has been no time to organise the GBR team's FAI Facilitation Letters.


These RAeC Facilitation Letters are available to competitors holding UK issued FAI Licences and travelling to FAI open internationals or World Cup competitions (or EuroTour competitions that appear on the FAI Sporting Calendar) held outside the United Kingdom.  They can be invaluable in a number of situations not least when taking model boxes onto commercial aircraft.


For FAI Championships, the Team Manager must organise FAI Facilitation Letters via the BMFA office only but these can only be made to the FAI in a single, bulk NAC application.  If the Team Manager misses the deadline for submission of data to the BMFA office then his team will not have FAI Facilitation Letters but he, or they, can still request RAeC Facilitation Letters.


Download the RAeC  Data Capture Form (individuals) for FAI open internationals or FAI World Cups

Download the RAeC Data Capture Form (Team Managers or team members) for FAI Championships

[These are Excel forms for you to complete and email back to the BMFA office.]