FAI Contest Results

 FAI Championship Full Results for 2015 will be added when they become available.

Note: FAI Championship results are full results only
for those Championships in which GBR teams competed

Previous years' FAI Championships Results will be populated over a period of time..

FAI World Cup Results can be seen or downloaded from the FAI/CIAM website:

 Name  SizeModified
Collection-Gif1369Collection1True{defaultview}False20130020/07/2015 12:57:35
Collection-Gif1368Collection1True{defaultview}False20140020/07/2015 12:57:03
Collection-Gif1367Collection1True{defaultview}False20150443783621/07/2015 08:53:39
Collection-Gif1617Collection1True{defaultview}False20160001/03/2016 16:58:40