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Competition rocketry and space modelling is one of the fastest growing aero modelling sports. It is governed by a set of rules published by the FAI, the world air sports federation, and competitions take place all over the world. The FAI runs a World Championship every two years and continental championships (Europe, Asia etc.) take place in the years when a World Championship is not scheduled. In addition World Cup events organised around the world throughout the year with top competitors competing to become the world's number one in their selected events.

FAIR is the UK group that was formed as a specialist body of the BMFA (British Model Flying Association) to organize competition space modelling events in the UK and to put together a team to compete in International events around the world. Over the six years of FAIR's existence we have continuously developed the skills and models to be competitive in international events. Our chairman Mike Francies has already won World Championship gold and bronze medals and Nigel Bathe a silver World Championship medal. FAIR members have also won gold, silver and bronze medals at many World Cup competitions and have achieved top ten placings at both senior and junior level at World Championships.

FAIR also runs the UK space model national championships and the Equinox Cup, the British round of the World Cup. If you are interested in getting involved in competition space modelling or seeing them fly, then do contact us and we will arrange for you to come to one of the events FAIR organizes around the UK during the summer season