The BMFA offers a complete assurance package to promote and protect model flying in the UK and undertakes to represent all model fliers at the highest level. This includes negotiation with our national and local government departments, the Civil Aviation Authority, international bodies such as the FAI and CIAM, and a wide variety of aviation, sports and recreational bodies. By maintaining close contact with the authorities we maintain the model flyer’s status by achieving national recognition and self regulation.

 The following services are also provided to affiliated clubs:

 ·         Extensive insurance cover.

·         Flying Site Planning and Protection.

·         Instructor Scheme.

·         Achievement Scheme.

·         Education Programmes.

·         Regular Club Information Bulletins.

·         Advice, Assistance and Support whenever required on all aspects of model flying.

·         Noise Assessments

·         Website Hosting and Domain name registration

·         Provision of free information pamphlets on a wide variety of topics.

·         Club Talks



 The most important contribution that affiliated clubs offer to the BMFA is their support to the partnership that is committed to investing in the future of model aircraft flying. It is this support that ensures the BMFA has the strength and resources to address the many problems and issues that are faced on a regular basis. There is no doubt that the anti-model flying lobby grows stronger each year and the BMFA is the only body able to counter the threat on behalf of all model fliers.

 All members and clubs are ambassadors for model flying as their community will judge model flying on local perceptions. By flying safely and responsibly, and by contributing to the local community through schools, youth groups and displays, you and your club can demonstrate the BMFA is a responsible and caring organisation.

Clubs’ and members’ voluntary work in support of the Association and in the promotion of model flying is vital if it is to have a cohesive future in the UK. The best work is often done by unsung volunteers at the grass roots level.


To accord with the philosophy of the partnership and to ensure clubs have the requisite insurance cover, all affiliated clubs are required to have 100% BMFA (or SAA) membership. Social members do not have to be included in club membership for the process of affiliation provided they do not fly and do not take an active part in the organisation of the club.

 All a club then has to do is complete the necessary paperwork, naming a minimum of 5 club members whose BMFA subscriptions are paid through the affiliating club. There are no additional costs for affiliation and no hidden clauses. Special arrangements can be made to permit clubs to make the transition as easy as possible in the first year of affiliation.


The BMFA is not empowered nor does it wish to interfere with club organisation and will give help and advice only when requested to do so. This will normally be by the club committee but very occasionally we are requested to assist by local or national authorities. Should the latter be the case, we are obliged to do so as the BMFA is the National Governing Body but this would only be done so in full consultation with the club.

The BMFA is not empowered or mandated to do anything but offer advice to clubs and members, although this advice is based upon common law and CAA recommendations. Should a club or member transgress in any way, it is the responsibility of the authorities to take action as this is not within the BMFA’s remit.


Affiliated clubs benefit from £25M Third Party Civil Liability indemnity, the cover includes the following extensions

 Committee Cover

The Indemnity is extended to the Committee Members of any affiliated club and all lawful club activities are also indemnified.

 Event Cover

The indemnity is extended to cover any liabilities arising from holding a model flying event, including club open days, fly-ins and public shows. Clubs should complete and return an Event and Public Show form from the office, upon receipt of the form a confirmation of cover letter is sent to the club. (Subject to approval)

Landowner Cover, including the MOD

Indemnity is automatically extended to any Principals (Landowners, Schools, Local Authorities, Government Departments etc.) whose land or premises is used by any BMFA affiliated club.

First Time Inexperienced Flyer Cover

Club indemnity is extended to cover first time visitors to a club who have no previous experience but are seeking to try out model flying prior to joining the BMFA and the Club. Indemnity under this First Time Inexperienced Flyer provision will only be in place when flights are being totally organised and supervised by a suitable club member approved by the Club Committee. The limit of this indemnity is 3 separate day visits for any single inexperienced flyer.

 Foreign Visitor Cover

Club indemnity is extended to enable clubs to welcome Model Flyers from Overseas Countries to fly at their club sites during short visits to the UK. In the interest of promoting good international relations the BMFA will absorb the cost of providing this indemnity for a period not exceeding 30 consecutive days for any one overseas visitor in any single membership year. Club Secretaries are required to notify the BMFA, in advance, if this provision is required.

Helper Cover

Employer’s Liability Cover with a £10 million level of indemnity is provided to all affiliated clubs. This covers legal liabilities for damages and legal costs arising from death or injuries caused to employees in the course of their ‘employment’

The definition of 'employee’ in this context includes labour only sub-contractors and volunteers working within the club.

Paid Flying Instruction Cover

The BMFA insurance policy contains indemnity cover for any member who accepts a fee for the teaching of R/C flying. This cover is only available for instruction carried out in the environment of a BMFA affiliated club and not in a commercial organisation.

In all cases, other than those covered by the First Time Inexperienced Flyer provisions, both the instructor and the pupil must be BMFA members.

These Indemnifications are automatically available to clubs on affiliation. Should you have mixed modelling activities in your club, the insurance covers boats, cars, steam powered models and kites. There is no limitation on the size of model aircraft or engines, provided CAA regulations are complied with.


Cover is provided completely free of charge to BMFA affiliated clubs up to £10,000 (higher limits can be provided by special arrangement). 

 The policy provides:

·         Buildings and Contents cover

·         Reinstatement cover for any items bought new

·         Indemnity (second hand) cover for any items bought second hand £250 excess

·         Reasonable precautions – it is expected that clubs will take reasonable care to protect their equipment and for items to be kept in a reasonable state of repair

·         Planes owned by the club are covered whilst stored, however this does not cover members planes

·         Theft is subject to forcible / violent entry or exit


Club websites are an excellent way to publicise your activities and while many clubs already have excellent websites many have no online presence at all. We are now offering a domain name and hosting service to affiliated clubs we can register a .bmfa.org domain name e.g.  www.yourmac.bmfa.org and host a Wordpress website for affiliated clubs, if you would like to take advantage of this email  webmaster@bmfa.org for further details. Wordpress is an easy to use and flexible content management system that is fully responsive so your website will clearly display on PC’s and mobile devices the websites can also integrate neatly with the various social media platforms. Take a look at www.eim.bmfa.org and www.droneaware.org for some examples of Wordpress websites.



The BMFA is a-non profit making company by law, although reasonable reserves are maintained as a matter of sensible precaution. All members’ subscriptions are used to support model aircraft flying and nobody makes money out of the BMFA. The majority of work is undertaken by volunteers for which they make no charge. They do, however, receive payment to cover all reasonable and auditable out of pocket expenses. All BMFA budgets are subject to an annual audit.

The  volunteers are supported by a small nucleus of full and part-time staff who provide the continuity and administer the members and clubs. These are the people who provide you with the routine help you require and develop and manage the Association in accordance with Council policy.