6th December @ 7pm
Jet aeromodelling with Dave Wilshere

Dave Wilshire has been flying model aircraft since Noah was leading his animals onto the arc, his experience covers just about all types of models but for the last couple of decades Dave has specialised in Turbine powered models. Dave will give us an insight into the wonderful World of gas turbine modelling which will be delivered in his normal no nonsense style.Click the link below to register


13th December @ 7pm
Deluxe Materials with John Bristow

Deluxe materials has been supplying the model trade for over 50 years. Run by John and Vivienne Bristow, Deluxe materials supplies a wide range of adhesive and finishing products. During this presentation John will give us an insight into how the business has changed in the last 50 years, with a particular emphasis on new products and even a little on regulation compliance etc.
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20th December @ 7pm
The work of the Air Accident Investigations Branch with Mark Ellis
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