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Turbines; Location:- Carmarthenshire
Complete turn-key package just add receiver

Turbines; Location:- Durham
YT Pantera for sale

Turbines; Location:- Northamptonshire
Stunning aircraft. Jetcat180. JR servos, powerbox. £3700.

Turbines; Location:- Northamptonshire
Ready to bind and fly,Super Reaper with Wren Supersport

Turbines; Location:- Northamptonshire
Fantastic Condition Boomerang Elan with P80SE

Turbines; Location:- Suffolk
Avonds F16 with turbine for sale

Turbines; Location:- North Yorkshire
Ready to fly - just add receiver and fuel ! A great flying plane - expertly built.

Turbines; Location:- Cheshire
76 inch Jet Trainer with Jet Cat P80 Turbine

Turbines; Location:- Lincolnshire
Mini Xcalibur air frame, electric retracts and servos only.

Turbines; Location:- Monmouthshire
As above.

Turbines; Location:- Staffordshire
Little flown will operate off grass

Turbines; Location:- West Midlands
Boomerang navy colours jet

Turbines; Location:- Staffordshire
Merlin 160 with the later ECU

Turbines; Location:- Wiltshire
Wren Supersport with Kero start

Turbines; Location:- Staffordshire
Mini excaliber Kolibri t30